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Christmas Eve at Liquid Church

Liquid Church
Dec 21, 2018

Merry Christmas, Liquid Church! This year for Christmas Eve at Liquid Church, instead of reading about Jesus as a baby, we're taking a closer look of the snapshot we're given of Jesus when he's just a 12-year old boy in Luke 2:41-51. In this story, we see Mary and Joseph are travelling for the Passover holiday with their son Jesus, but there's one problem: In the middle of the celebration, they actually LOSE Jesus!


If you're a parent, you can relate to Joseph and Mary... You know how upsetting it is to lose track of a child! Scholars say Jesus' family was traveling in a caravan, and Mary likely assumed Jesus was with the men in the back. The scripture reveals that Jesus was LEFT all the way back at the temple in Jerusalem when he says this in verse 49:

"Didn't you know that I must be in my Father's house?" -Luke 2: 49

Losing Christ in this holiday season can be easier than you think. If Mary and Joseph can lose Jesus during the stress of the holidays, you can too! The truth is, sometimes instead of being drawn CLOSER to Christ at Christmas, we can lose track of Jesus in the holiday hoopla.


See, at Christmas it's easy to ASSUME we're close with Christ, but our hearts are prone to drift. If you're a Christian, you can't lose your SALVATION... Once you call on Christ for salvation, you are FOREVER SAFE in the grip of his GRACE and can enjoy eternal security. What I mean is, you can lose your FELLOWSHIP with Him - Your closeness, your love, your intimacy with the Savior of your soul.

Have you lost your closeness with Christ? How long has it been? We are, after all, only human - and our hearts can grow cold. If you've lost your fellowship with Christ, it's never too late to find Him... Just like Mary and Joseph found Jesus in his Father's house, you can retrace your steps and come back to Christ in his house today - that's what the church is meant to be!

Guys, Jesus truly is the reason for the season - He's not a baby... He's not a boy... He is the SINLESS SON OF GOD sent to save a world of sinners! Jesus died on the Cross and rose again from the grave 3 days later - and HE IS ALIVE TODAY! He gave his life for yours.


Maybe you're feeling Jesus calling you to come home, back to the Father's House this Christmas to find your fellowship with Him. Or maybe, it's time for you to actually start a RELATIONSHIP with God! If you've felt that emptiness, guilt and shame and are ready to give your life to Christ for good, we invite you to pray a prayer of salvation right where you are today to accept Jesus into your heart and life... God won't turn you away! He welcomes you with open arms through what Jesus did at the Cross for you - the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS GIFT!