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Experience More Of God’s Power In 2023

Here at Liquid Church, we want to start the New Year by seeking God powerfully together as a church! That’s why we’re coming together for 21 days of fasting and prayer starting on Monday, January 16th. Our goal is simple: to detox your body, mind and soul so you can hear God’s voice in a fresh way.

So, what is a meaningful sacrifice for you in this season? Here are some options to consider for your fast this January:

  1. Full 21-Day Fast: Follow the Daniel Fast diet of no meats, sweets, bread, alcohol, or soda...and instead eat fruits, vegetables and drink water!
  2. Modified Fast: Try fasting one day a week (or one meal a day) for the next 21 days, or abstain from alcohol, soda, and caffeine. You can even modify the Daniel Fast diet by adding protein, such as chicken.
  3. Non-Food Fast: Consider giving up something else for 21 days, such as social media, TV or Netflix!