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Facilities Coordinator

Union County Mountainside
Part Time
Posted 2 months ago

Big Win: A servant leader who oversees all aspects of building operations for our two Liquid Church Union County locations: Mountainside and Garwood.

The Facilities Coordinator reports to the Facilities Director  and also has dotted line reporting to  the Campus Manager. The schedule includes providing facility readiness for Sunday and other events and coordinating campus maintenance and repairs for a total of 10 hours per week. The scheduled hours are primarily on Sunday and some Tuesday meeting attendance. The other hours are flexible. This position is non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


The campus Facilities Coordinator (FC) is responsible for the following areas in order of priority. 

1. Facility Readiness

  1. Cleaning- With a combination of volunteers and outside vendors, the building is to be cleaned for Sunday services and other events.
  2. Leading volunteer facilities team set-up and tear-down. Setting up of any elements, seating, and stage elements in preparation for Sunday services and other events as necessary. 
  3. Readiness templates- The FC completes a Sunday Readiness Checklist weekly and a Safety Review Template at least monthly. 

2. Facility Maintenance and Repairs

  1. Assists in basic repairs and maintenance to the facility and its systems (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection) provided that work is within the abilities and skills of the FC.
  2. Records and reports maintenance and repair requests related to any of the building's systems and helps resolve these whenever possible.
  3. Coordinates and schedules outside vendors and contractors to perform work in the building and on church grounds
  4. In coordination with the Facilities Director, maintains annual contracts for cleaning, carpets, waste management, HVAC, Fire system, Security system, Sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, Landscaping, Snow removal, Elevators, Pest Control, etc.
  5. In coordination with the Facilities Director, maintains a current list of service professionals to handle repairs in the areas of plumbing, electric, HVAC, painting, and construction.  Develops a list of volunteers who can help in these areas.
  6. Performs an annual Preventative Maintenance Plan under the guidance of the Facilities Director
  7. Maintains documentation for Emergency Evacuation Plans, Building Emergency Plan, and Fire Safety Plan.
  8. Develops and updates a Refurbishment Plan, identifying areas that can be improved when funds are available and coordinates with the Facilities Director to handle the refurbishments. 
  9. Serves as primary contact for emergencies related to any of the building’s systems.
  10. Serves as primary contact to local authorities in the event of emergency or false alarms.
  11. Develops relationships with local authorities, etc. in the areas of
    1. Emergency professionals- Police, Fire, EMT
    2. Parking for special events
    3. Building department permits and approvals

3. Volunteer Teams

In coordination with the Facilities Director, recruits, retains, and rewards a volunteer team to help with Sunday support, Cleaning, Repairs & Maintenance, and Landscaping. The objective is to use volunteers instead of outside professionals, if possible. 

4. Scheduling

Working with the Campus Manager, the FC will oversee scheduling of events at the Campus. The Liquid Church building usage guidelines will be followed for all outside events. Additional hours may be needed and will be compensated for special events and other activities. 

The Facilities Director and the FC should have a 1 on 1 meeting at least monthly to address expectations, responsibilities, and performance.


Experience - one year of successful leadership at Liquid (group leader, mentor, service team leader, volunteer staff member) 

Spiritual Maturity - A person who regularly practices learning God's Word, allowing God to renew their mind, and being obedient to what they learn. 

Tech Savvy - Ability to learn new and changing technology with ease, proficiency in Google applications preferred 

Organization- Can manage multiple tasks and responsibilities and keep everything working towards the desired objectives

Communication - Excellent verbal and written communication skills 

Confidentiality - Ability to maintain discretion when necessary 

Relational Ability - A “people” person who works well with staff and volunteers of varying personality types.